Vacating Form

Vacating Your Rental Property

Providing 28 Days Notice

If you wish to vacate the property at the end of your Agreement, you must give twenty-eight (28) days notice in writing prior to the expiration date of your tenancy agreement. Once received we will make contact to advise of the following steps.

Breaking the Rental Agreement

If you need to vacate the premises before the end of your lease, we refer to this as “breaking your lease” and we understand that these things happen. We will always assist you with this and suggest you advise our office as soon as you are aware that this situation may arise, so we can help minimise the financial loss to all parties involved. In most situations the renter vacating is responsible for;

·       The rent until another suitable renter is found and commences paying rent

·       Pro rata Letting fee (the fee that is charged to the owner to locate a new renter)

·       Advertising costs 

Keys & Bond Refund

At the end of your tenancy you will be required to hand in all keys to the property so that your property manager can conduct a final inspection of the premises. Rent is payable until return of all keys. Everyone wants to have their bond returned and we will happily attend to your refund if everything is in order.

To enable a speedy bond refund we ask that you use the Cleaning Checklist provided as a guide to help you and have the carpets professionally cleaned with a receipt provided. The condition will be compared against the original condition report when your tenancy commenced, allowing for fair wear and tear. We have access to contactors such as cleaners and gardeners that can assist and attend to this on your behalf if you require.