Jackson Leech

Property Manager

About Jackson

Jackson Leech is leading the next generation of Property Managers with a unique blend of self-assurance, dedication and commitment.

Earning a Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice and learning the industry from the ground up Jackson, resonates and thrives within the highly-resourced growth culture at Ballarat Real Estate.

Loyalty, respect and hard work – the three ethos that Jackson lives and works by – translate to above and beyond service with a side of personalised professionalism.

Family orientated with a passion and talent for all things football and the outdoors, Jacksons' interactions emanate a contagious positive energy, priding himself on delivering the very best outcome for his clients whilst forging meaningful relationships along the way.

You are in safe hands with Jackson and the team at Ballarat Real Estate.


Client Reviews

Jackson who I have been dealing with has been helpful in the process of renting the home that I wanted 
- Kim E. 

We highly recommend Ballarat Real Estate for its exceptional services during the new home tendency-finding process and ongoing property management. Reynaldo and Jackson were outstanding in their professional, knowledgeable, prompt, and friendly communication. Thank you for making our experience a great one. 
- Nisha S. 

I dealt with Jackson who was awesome to deal with. Super fast with enquiries and did as much as he could to make the process run smoothly. 
- Steven T.

Very pleasant experience
Reynaldo Rilen and Jackson Leach was too good
- Sujeesh V.

Massive thank you to Riley and Jackson. You both could not of been more fantastic if you tried during our relocation process. From sending in an application to being approved by the owners was less than half a day and really eased a lot of stress off our family.
- Bridgeydidgy

 Jackson has been attentive and responsive, looking forward further into relationship under him being my property manager
- G. D.